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CRIAM stands for Chemical Reaction and Image Analysis for Mobility. We are a Medtech startup born in January 2016 focused on the Point-of-Care diagnostic segment.  

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Our mission is to provide fast, affordable, and in-situ blood test analysis to empower people with instant information about their well-being and health conditions.

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With our device as a platform approach, we will be able to monitor, control and contain diseases worldwide.

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Compatible transfusions are not always possible, especially in emergency scenarios and in places with lack of equipment;

No other portable solutions;

Not an efficient blood inventory management in blood banks.

Short supply of blood, mainly the O-, essential for emergencies which results in higher financial costs;

Not an efficient blood inventory management in blood banks.


Low Investment
Decreases O- dependency

This device can be the difference between life and death, where the response time is crucial. Criam will increase medical efficiency of analysis in a blazing temporal space, which will save lives.










Meet Us

vitor crespo
Vitor Crespo
Chief Executive Officer

Vitor is a healthcare entrepreneur. Strong management skills gathered in multinationals over 20 years spent in the Industry. Last 11 years were at Microsoft and previously at Xerox, Accenture and Bull. He has the Advanced Management Program for Executives from Católica Business School for Business & Economics. Strong experience in company management, people management, sales, fund-raising and distribution.

Vasco Lopes
Chief Technology Officer

Expert in Computer Science and Computer Vision. Has been assisting in the R&D process and the submission of additional patents for this project.
Our Computer Scientist and PhD student in Bioengineering. Filipe has a strong entrepreneurial mind, and already founded another Medtech startup.

Brad Mingus
Brad Mingus
Chief Product Officer

Thirty-five years in the plastics industry and Thirty years, general management, engineering and tool shop management. Twenty years in the printer industry and Broad-based international business experience. Brad has extensive sales and negotiating experience and he also is an articulate, effective communicator and team builder.

Ljiljana Dukanovic
Chief Scientific Officer & Head of Regulatory Affairs

Ljiljana has a molecular biology doctorate degree as well as Business management training. She has worked for both pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. In the last 5 years she has worked as project manager and research lead for several biotechnology companies. She has very diverse and international experience and education. Besides her knowledge and experience she brings in her proactive and driven personality, critical thinking, strong communication skills, and motivation to become a productive and invested citizen.

margarida abranches
Margarida Abranches

Margarida has a Master’s degree in Bioengineering with a specialization in Biomedical Engineer. Enthusiast about merging health and technology. My interests involve Medical Devices, Computer Vision, and Clinical Intelligence. Margarida works as a Biomedical Engineer at CRIAM.

Sara Evans
Operations Manager

Celwynn is a very experienced healthcare executive based in Switzerland who has over 26 years of international experience in medical devices. He has worked in sales and marketing within most of the surgical fields including Cardiac, General and Orthopaedics for the leading companies globally such as Johnson & Johnson, Stryker and Hill Rom and most recently Medtronic. Celwynn and his teams have led successful customer engagement strategies which have successfully increased sales over the long term. This approach to the customer has built his reputation as a leader in the medical devices field in both clinical and commercial sales through these lasting relationships. Most recently Celwynn has successfully managed very large global Strategic Account Management (SAM) change programs with large multi nationals that have led to a dynamic increase in business.

Tiago Vilaças
Chief Financial Officer

Tiago is a financial expert with a graduation in finance and accounting and a postgraduation in finance. He worked in audit firms for 5 years performing audit services in areas like industry, pension funds, investment funds, public institutions, among others. He has an analytical mind and number oriented with a long finance background having performed different tasks throughout his career. Stronger points are clearly the analytical skills, dealing with numbers, trend analysis and always trying to go a step deeper. Creative and methodical, never happy with the current result and always looking for a better (and cheaper) way of doing things. Problem solving, flexibility, time management and prioritization are some other strong points.

Vânia Fernandes
Marketing & Operations Lead

Vânia has a Master’s degree in Marketing Innovation and Strategy by NovaSBE and she is graduated in Sociology. Her working experience was gathered in the marketing field, in retail businesses, like Salsa Jeans as a Trade Marketing Manager and later in Angola, as a Marketing Director at Centrooptico. Here she developed communication and strategic soft-skills to correctly match the presented challenges. Vânia works as Marketing & Operations Manager at CRIAM.

Lars Wahlström

Experienced CEO in small and mid-sized companies in the high tech and software sector, Business Developer, M&A, think outside the box.

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